Interactive datavisualisation installation.

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Context & Process.


Highlight is a project made in a week time with the Stereolux, a digital art and concert hall in Nantes. They intend to make an exhibition for their 10 years of activity, and asked us to create interactive installations to demonstrate with data the evolution through time of Stereolux.

Here is a summary of all the projects made for Stereolux during this week of workshop.

Our group decided to focus on 3 datasets, as we didn't wanted to overwhelmed the visitors with too much informations. We started to work on the evolution through time of the number of concerts, artists and spectators that Stereolux welcomed.
To create a consistency between our installation and the place we thought about an analogy related to Stereolux's activity that visitors could interact with. We used the shape of a light or sound engineer's dashboard and a projector, to "highlight" the data. On the other hand, the interface was based on decibel levels to fit the theme.
The projector can rotate to see the data through time, and the dashboard allows to switch from a dataset to another.
We also worked on a functional prototype to illustrate our idea and test the feasibility.