Mobile application for insurance procedures.

- Team -

Context & Process.


This project was made in partnership with an insurance company, the aim was to think about the 5 to 10 next years and how they could expand and adapt their market and proposition to the clients.

The main concern was to design an app usefull for the actual users needs that will also gather new one for the company, and it had to be realistic in terms of interaction and usability.


Our first move for this project was a lot of research about the actual insurance environnemnt. As we were not really used to this domain, we needed to understand what was the actual offers of the company and the competition, how it works and what could be modified, completely reworked or what should be created.

We noticed where the pain points were after observations and interviews, and decided to focus our work on the registration of goods and the claim of insurance to make them more fluid for the users, more understandable and easier to handle.

The second concern users had was the insurance of the goods they carry during short period like a travel.
We worked on the creation of temporary upgraded insurance for these travels.