Mobile application to enhance local business.

- Team -

Context & Process.


This project had a duration of 3 weeks.
During this time we had to work on an existing app which promotes local stores through a payment service with real money and a fictional currency between custumers and storekeepers in order to promote the development of local business.


We started this project by understanding the existing app, and what were the actual problems for the actual users.
We noticed a serious lack of users resulting of a too short period of interest in this service because of a non-intuitive UI and a bad understanding of the app.
This is why we started to reworked pretty early in the process, all the interfaces to make it more understandable and user friendly and we added a GPS to improve the navigation in the city.
This step made us realise the app wasn't attractive in a long term use, so we added simple gameplay elements in order to give additional goals to the users. When they achieve missions, they unlock some of the virtual currency they can use as discount on the local shop.