Conception of a property assessment tool.

- Team -

Context & Process.

Client request.

The client wanted to rework the process of assessment of the property on the region of Helsinki. Originally this work was done by Excel tables where the operator had to process a lot of data without having a global vision on the location of the properties. The purpose of developing this new tool was to reduce the number of human errors committed and speed up the evaluation process.


At first I had to get in touch with operators and discuss with them about their work processes in this activity. Understand the points of friction and establish Experience maps to clarify the problems encountered and the solutions that can be made. It was then necessary to work with wireframes and often to exchange with the development teams to ensure the feasibility. In a last time the tools designed it was necessary to test with the users and to note the points to be improved to reach the objectives. Like adding a filter feature to specify some points, a Picture In Picture feature and a drawing tool to select an area directly on the map.